Sunday, May 10, 2015

Share the Load. We do.

We share our life with each other. We share passwords. We share the ice cream, so, do we share the household work. And that’s what keeps us all the more close and attached. Sharing the domestic responsibilities is perhaps one of the best ways to tell your partner that, whatever life has to offer, we are together- to enjoy it, to bear it, and to live it.

We make walking in the departmental store to buy groceries, as romantic as sitting on the beach, hand in hand, watching the sunset.
He knows what flavor of Rasna I like, and I make sure I do not forget to get those orange candies he loves. While I select the best shaving gel for him, he picks up the best shampoo according to my hair type. Buying groceries for the month cannot be a mundane affair if the partners consider this otherwise boring activity, a way to show how much they care about each other’s like and dislike.

When the maid does not show up, it is fun to divide the cleaning up tasks. I scrub the utensils, and he washes them. Because he says that my nails are too delicate to bear the harsh dish wash soap. And I know, he likes playing with soap bubbles, so scrubbing the dishes is kinda play for him, so I let him do that. And the playful splashing of water and bubbles on each other is all that makes dish washing so much fun and enjoyable.

While I wash the clothes in the washing machine, he dries them on the clothesline. Because that requires more physical strength, according to him. He is Man of the house, he says J So, he chooses to do the difficult jobs himself.
Cooking is not just a routine business. He is fond of eating, as well as cooking. And I know the fact well that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. So, if I surprise him with his favorite dinner on a Friday evening, when he is late from work, he is ready with my favorite breakfast on the Sunday morning. So, there are culinary surprises for each other at least a couple of times in a week. We add the most important ingredient to all the food we cook- Love. And that makes everything just yummy.

And how can I forget that if he is at home, and we need chopped onions, he never lets me do it. He would do it himself, always. He says, he cannot see me in tears.

I never felt that since I am the woman, so it is just my duty to manage the household.
Maintaining the wardrobe is one task we both despise. So, we take turns. If we need a plumber, I call and get things done. He hates calling people. But when it comes to paying the bills, it is his department. So, I hardly worry about the savings and the spending.
I make the bed at night, he folds the bed sheets in the morning. And I being the obsessed one to decorate the house with stuff, he just plays the role of a critic. Yes, take this, this is good. Not this one, not that great. Even that is fun.

We make house a home - out of love.

Love is not just telling each other the three words. I see deep love in my husband’s eyes, when he makes me coffee in the morning. We respect each other’s role in making life easy and comfortable for one another.

As many of my friends dread that being  a mother will only squeeze out energy and time out of life, and it would be more trouble than joy. But, I am quite sure, that the bundle of joy in our life, will bring in more love, and togetherness. Because, we share every responsibility equally. It's not only me who will have to change diapers or rock the cradle all night. 

Marriage is a lovely journey. And each moment, each activity, when done together, can be joyful. Imagining the wife does all the household chores, and the husband does his part of the duties, would make life so boring. Sharing the load makes each other feel cared for. It unites the two. It strengthens the bond. Makes both the partners feel equal. Feel respectful for each other. And, in fact, the load does not seem a load at all. All of it becomes memories worth cherishing.

P.S; I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.