Monday, March 5, 2012

The world is such a bad place...

The world is such a bad place...
Selfish souls, fake smiles on face..
Fraud and lies, every corner,every place
The world is such a bad place..

I deserve the bread but they give me the crust..
I feel foolish that why did I trust..
They mock me and my faith, right on my face
The world is such a bad place...

God,do you create heartless humans too?
with a mind to heart to feel..
O Lord,don't make such people, please,keep your grace
Its they who make your world a bad place...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

For my Dad...


You are the best!
You just give and give,and forget the rest...

When I was ill that time,you sat beside my bed whole night..
Did all you could,prayed until i got alright..

When I went to hostel, I missed you for a while and then forgot..
You missed me everyday,I was there in your each thought..

Whenever I wanted ,I screamed on you even when I was wrong
But you were always there to teach me..make me strong..

For me you give up all your desires and comfort,that too with a smile..
And when I am grown up now,I forget to call you for a while..

There is so much that I owe you,I can never give you back
words cannot tell what I feel,How much I love you Dad!