Thursday, February 5, 2009

selfless love..

I find it difficult to believe,remember,understand or follow anything which i have just read.unless seen or simply fails to get into my head..and even if it does..doesn't stay there for long..
I had read so much about love...selfless and pure and all seemed bookish and meaningless until recently..
I have a little girl in my neighbourhood...(the same one with a pitiful hindi..if u remember..)
she owns a pet dog Annie.Rather i should say Annie owns a master,that is her.literally..her everything lies in her dog.She said one day.."annie is going to its maternal uncle's house.."
I to its maternal uncle's...she said.."isnt my uncle his uncle also?"
i smiled thinking foolish of her.
A few days back i saw her limping..looking pale and exhausted.An iron nail had hurt her foot while she was playing with Annie.Her cute little face looked dull and eyes swollen red..she had just had her tetanus.While narrating the mishap...her chhubby cheeks went wet with big drops of tear..
But sudddenly her face lit up bright as she spoke the sentence.."thank god! the nail didn't hit Annie's feet.."
And then,i understood what selfless love is..

Monday, February 2, 2009

all that matters

I have a number and variety of friends.Some say I am sweetly simple.Some say I am irritatingly complicated.
Some say I am excessively talkative.Some say I am dreadfully silent.Some say I am childishly immature.Some say I am unnecessarily thoughtful.Some say I am impressively intelligent.Some say I am incredibly foolish...
For me,all of them taken together form an army of confusion creators.Whom to believe and to what extent..
But I am genuinely grateful to this army for their diverse opinions about me has helped me wipe out one great misconception from my usually slow-working mind that it is possible to please everyone..
with due respect to all my friends' opinions about me..