Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have always been low on confidence.It took me a lot of guts to express myself publicly..thanx to a very good friend of mine..her push worked to give me the momentum..and start blogging.
I remember the day I had created my orkut account.I was less nervous on my JEE entrance exam..and lesser on the day i had a toe operation.To write a few words about myself in my orkut profile..I went through almost all adjectives in the oxford dictionary..but still I could not find appropriate ones.All i wrote about myself was.."R-receptive,I-incessant,T-theist,U-unstoppable".Except theist..i knew everything was exaggeration.
I was indeed a stupid.And I dont mind accepting it publicly.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I had read somewhere many years ago.."Be fast in taking decisions.Even if you are wrong,you have would have time to correct yourself.If late and wrong,you would not have time to regret even."
In those days of my life,I was better in memorising things than at understanding them.And I was still better in implementing them without understanding them.
Whenever mom used to send me to market to get vegetables..I would stop at the very first vendor and carry home all that he would be selling..without going any further to look for better choices..The only thing ruling my mind in those days was.."Be fast in taking decisions..."
And I would come home just to get a nice thrash from mama about my stupidity.
In exams,I would start writing as soon as I would see the first question..without sparing a few minutes in making a choice from the alternatives..only when I would fail..I would look for the other options..And i never regretted about the time loss.I would pat myself that I took a fast decision and that is why i had time to correct myself.
What an idiot I was..
At this moment..I am not able to recall more of my stupidity..I would continue..

Lucky me!

I just cant help myself from sharing my luck with you...
Some more amusing Hindi..
How can one be so stupid to say that "machhar mujhe gaal pe kha gaya.." Atleast once in a lifetime who would have seen a Tortoise mosquito coil ad or Mortein ad must know that "machhar gaal pe kaat sakta hai..gaal pe kha nahin sakta!!"
Believe me..this is no fiction.I am not so creative..
Another one- That same little girl..( who gets her homework corrected by me)I asked her from where did she learn so much about anacondas.she said.."mera mummy aur daadi discovery dekh raha tha..main bhi wahin baith rahi thi..wahin se.."
Though selfish of me..but I pray may her Hindi go on worsening without her knowledge.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Purely Veg!!

I am a pure vegetarian.I feel proud about it.And I feel more proud when people around me ask me with amazement.."kabhi andaa bhi nahin khayi..?"
But the number of admirers is equal to the number of those who think that being a vegetarian is a disgrace.They remark.."jeene ka kya faayda agar chicken nahin khati..?" I wonder if they were born to gobble hens and eggs only.
Some try to sympathise as if by not eating flesh and meat I am missing out the truest essence of living.
I always roam around with a readymade set of proverbs,scientific and spiritual facts about the benefits of vegetarian diet..and I use it favorite ones.."jaisa khaoge ann..waise hoga mann."
"doctors say that vegetarians are less prone to cancer and heart attacks.."
"Those with vegetarian food habits have a better control over their senses.."
One of my admirer..always used to ask me.."dont you ever want to taste do you resist the temptation..?"
Even after saying a hundreds of times that i never thought of tasting it..i dont know how it tastes..then why would i have to resist..She would again ask.."dnt you ever..?"
I asked her one day,"dont you ever want to taste lizard eggs or mosquito do you resist the temptation..U know the Bantus of African jungles relish it so much...?"
She got what i meant.Never did she ask me again.And now she is not only the admirer of my food habits..but also my intellect.:)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lucky Me!!

I feel so fortunate to find myself among non-hindi being a Hindi speaking entity.
The crippled distorted hindi they speak is an eternal source of entertainment for me.
A real good friend of mine is an expert in solving electrical being unbelievably poor at it.I cant keep myself expressing deep admiration for him..and its more difficult to keep myself from rolling to laughter when he modestly says.."Mera baap mujhe sikhaya".
Another real good friend...not so fortunate to have an intelligent father..says.."mera maa acha hai..pitaji bahut gussa karti hai".
My neighbour..a cute little girl..came running one day to get her hindi homework corrected..( i enjoy a high status.."andhon mein kana raja" u know). She had made sentences using proverbs.
"Aag babula hona--Aaj first period mein students class mein chilla rahe the toh teacher gusse se aag babula ban gaye."
I could hardly find Hindi in it!!
To be selfish,i enjoy my peals of laughter and never bother to correct my friends.

A single "NOT"

When winds are against
& the alley all uphill;
a single thought and a single "NOT"
can change the way you feel.

"I am the lone sufferer in the world,
its me who's put to test always!"
this thought just adds misery to pain
makes you yet more hopeless.

Add a "NOT" & speak to self
"I am not the lone sufferer in the world" & see
the strength you get to move ahead
will make you swim the sea.

All i wish..

I dont promise anything my friend..
I fear to commit..its true.
This is all I want..
May my wishes fulfill your needs too.

I dont promise to share your pain
bcoz I dont want you to feel it ever..
I dont promise to be with you
bcoz i want you be always strong,never waver..

I dont promise to wipe ur tears
bcoz I dont want you to cry ever..
I dont promise to bring you smiles
bcoz I dont want you to lose it ever..

I dont promise I'll cheer you up
bcoz I dont want you to be low or weak..
I dont promise I ll be help always
bcoz i dnt want you ever feel the need..

I dont promise to pray for you
bcoz I want the lord to answer you himself..
I dont promise to hold your hand
bcoz I want you to tread your path yourself...

I dont promise for I may forget my words
But I will never forget what I want..
I will always love you my friend,
Its not a promise..its what I really want.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are you happy...

Where lies happiness for you....?
in music..?
in celebrations..?
in emotions..?
in relations..?
in almighty..?
in pain..?
in abundance..?
in goals..?
in truth..?
in renouncement..?
in smiles..?
in sharing..?

some get it here..some see it there..
some wander all life but find it nowhere..

whoever said, hence has said so right
"Happiness is just a state of mind".